Alejo Conejo y Cristian Ruiz
Photo by: @ileanafotografi

We are the only stage group with a fixed space each month to serve the growing Spanish-speaking audience in Oslo.


What is Alejo Conejo Cuenta Cuentos?

Is a live entertaining storytelling show for the whole family.

The performance is carried out in simple, clean and basic Spanish, aimed at Spanish-speaking families and those who want to reinforce their Spanish learning path.

Each story is an adaptation of ancient folk tales, fairy tales, legends, or fables enriched with original songs and musical effects performed by musician and composer Cristian Ruiz.

Photo by: @ileanafotografi

We also perform at schools, kindergartens, embassy celebrations, non-profit organizations, libraries, and children’s events.

We create, adapt and combine stories for each show, building a completely new experience for our audience. We create our own songs, illustrations, wooden or paper characters and performance elements for each and every tale.

Photo by: @ileanafotografi

Our adaptations contain beautiful messages for the whole family on topics such as peace, love, friendship, empathy,  courage, emotions, and much more.

Human beings have been telling stories for more than 30,000 years. Our brains are adapted to learn and understand the universe from stories.

We believe in the magic of the spoken word, and we are convinced that every time a story is told, a beautiful idea springs to life in the minds of those who hear it.

Photo by: @ileanafotografi

Welcome to the fantastic world of


Alejo Conejo